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Top 10 Playful Dog Breeds

One of the things we appreciate about canines is their playfulness. Some breeds are generally more playful than others.

So, in the spirit of a great time, we combed through our breed profiles to find the dog breeds that tend to be the most fun loving.

It’s crucial to bear in mind that most of these breeds are not couch potatoes or shrinking violets and, in fact, typically need lots of mental and physical stimulation so they don’t become bored.

You should remember that all dogs are individuals – not all Labs are infatuated with playing fetch, and there are most likely even some Portuguese Water Dogs who don’t like water.

Obviously, with any of these breeds, a dog’s health and age will sway his level of liveliness. Even with these breeds, you should have a veterinarian inspect your pet dog to make sure there are no underlying conditions before starting any exuberant activities.

And now, here are our top 10 playful dog breeds. Did we miss any? Tell us in the comments below.


1. English Springer Spaniel

A lively and versatile breed, they are typically has plenty of energy and normally appreciates a good play session– especially if it’s with his family. Encourage his playful nature through activities like fetch, hiking, agility, flyball and tracking.


2. Labrador Retriever

Are typically fun-loving and playful demeanors are absolutely part of it.


3. Papillon

Pappillions are small, smart and spunky, this breed needs to be entertained – or she’ll find a way to amuse herself.


4. Bearded Collie

These dogs are known for his trademark welcoming, and is generally an exuberant and boisterous breed who will amuse you with his clownish antics.


5. Beagle

This breed is led by his nose, and likes to have loads of opportunity to use his powerful sniffer. That can be as simple as your hiding treats around your house or taking him on long, meandering walks outdoors.



6. Schnauzer

This dog belongs to the Working group and is generally needs a job to do. His work could include welcoming visitors, helping you get the mail or playing in the yard – nothing too fancy is called for.


7. Dalmatian

Due to his heritage as a coaching dog and circus performer, this spirited pet dog breed generally has plenty of energy to spare. This could be the pet dog for you if you are energetic and love to go on long runs.


8. Golden Retriever

These dogs normally loves everyone she meets, but she’ll love you even more if you keep her occupied with enjoyable mental and physical activities. Lengthy hikes and walks, trips to the beach and marathon fetch sessions are just a couple of ideas.


9. Toy Fox Terrier

Toy Fox Terriers tend to be fun dogs. He is the best blend of terrier exuberance and lap lover. He is usually happy to play fetch, but he can also be fond of top-notch cuddle time. Of course, he is not a perfect pet dog, and if left to his own devices he can become bored and destructive.


10. Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd is normally smart, versatile and energetic and normally needs an energetic life to be happy. Channel his mental and physical energy into intriguing tasks or games like fetch, bringing in the newspaper, helping in the garden, doggie agility, soccer and obedience. Really, if you can think of something for your Aussie to do, he can most likely do it.