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Top 10 Cutest Dog Breeds

It’s pretty much impossible to pick favourites when it comes to dogs. Every single one of them is deserving of the title of man’s best friend.

When it comes to sheer adorableness and cuteness; however, these doggy’s may just rise above the rest.


1. Australian Shepherd

Beauty and brains, Aussies have definitely got it all. These smart pups love having a job to do, so the people-pleasers pick up new tricks straight away.


2. French Bulldog


It’s not a surprise city dwellers spot Frenchies on pretty much every block. The low-energy, big-eared dogs are possibly the cutest roommates you could have. Additionally, they never ever leave dishes in the sink.


3. Beagle

Snoopy might be the world’s most popular beagle, but the three-dimensional ones are just as delightful. The lovable hounds like to follow their noses, sometimes right into trouble.


4. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Trust the Queen of England to have an outstanding taste in canines. Elizabeth II’s love for corgis goes unmatched – she’s had over 30 of them in her life!


5. American Staffordshire Terrier

American Staffs are just one of the breeds popularly called pit bulls, but don’t let stereotypes deceive you. These good-natured and intelligent doggies love being a part of the family.



6. Shetland Sheepdog

Shelties adore kids and cuddles. And with that face, what more will you need?


7. Golden Retriever

They’re one of the most popular dogs in the country for a good reason. Goldens seem photo-ready no matter what.


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8. Dachshund

Smooth, wirehaired or longhaired, there’s a type of dachshund for everybody. They even can be found in 2 different sizes: standard and miniature.


9. Siberian Husky

The only thing better than one lovable husky is an entire sled team of ’em. Just be prepared for their outsized energy.


10. Bernese Mountain Dog

Just picture giant, friendly fluff-balls and you’ve got Bernese Mountain Dogs right down to a T. Originally, Swiss farmers raised them as well-natured helpers, so they’re super strong.