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Designed with your pet's safety in mind

  • No need to engrave phone numbers. Connect up to 3 phone numbers of your choice.
  • Update and change your phone numbers anytime or anywhere in the world.
  • ​Keep your privacy. There is no need to display your phone numbers on our tags.
  • Easily notify your missing pet details to local vets, animal pounds and others in the area with our system.

Our Pet ID Tags

Choose from our huge range of quality pet ID tags for your dog or cat.

Design a Pet ID tag with your pet's name and your contact details to ensure they will always come home safely.

Our superior quality and designer ID tags are competitively priced and include free worldwide shipping.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our pet ID tags are made from the highest quality materials and our metal tags are laser engraved to ensure they won't fade for a long time.

We are so confident that you and your pet will love your new tag that we’ll guarantee it.

If we make a mistake, we'll gladly replace your tag!