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Bring Your Pet To Work! Research Reveals Office Pets Can Help Reduce Stress

Everyone knows that dogs are a man’s best friend, but did you know they might be man’s best co-worker too?

Bringing your pets, dogs and cats, to work can have a positive impact on yourself, co-workers, and your office’s culture at atmosphere. It can even boost productivity and morale.

“It’s definitely good for the work atmosphere to have a dog in the office,” said Marie-José Enders, expert in studying the relationship between humans and animals at England’s Open University, to Business Insider.

“Not only does your cortisol level drop when you stroke a dog; you also produce more of the hormone oxytocin, which makes you feel more relaxed and happy,” he added.


Office Pets Can Help Reduce Stress


Of course, the benefits don’t stop there, with Enders explaining that;

“If your boss is giving you a hard time, a dog can make it easier to put certain situations into perspective. You can just take a bit of space and walk the dog,”

“An animal at work makes people more motivated — they like their work more and they experience less stress.”



If you’re a cat lover, don’t worry — felines have similar stress-relieving benefits as pups do!

Behavioral psychologist Lotte Spijkerman told Business Insider that both pets can “reduce stress and increase productivity … because they interact with you of their own accord.”

“When they pop over to your work station, it’s a good reminder that you might need to take a break,” said Spijkerman.


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These days pets are increasingly becoming a part of office culture, including at major companies, like Google and Amazon.

“Having dogs in our workplace is an amazing treat. They make employees smile, and we’re proud this is such a uniquely Amazonian tradition. It’s truly ingrained in our company culture,” said Lara Hirschfield, Amazon’s ‘Woof Pack’ Manager.

“Our employees love bringing their dogs to work and love meeting their co-workers’ dogs … Amazon has been dog-friendly since Day 1. Our dogs add to the fun, dynamic energy of our workplace.”